These are the Splitfire Direct Injection
System (DIS) IMG_6444Coilpacks for a Nissan X-Trail PNT30 with the famous SR20VET engine. The SR20VET head is often swapped into other Nissans. The coilpacks will fit into the SR20VET head no matter in which car it is swapped. Upgrading the OEM coilpacks to Direct Injection Coilpacks will lead to a more stable energy and voltage output at all RPMs and give your engine a better spark in the combustion chamber. On mildly tuned engines this can give you a horsepower gain by 3-4% and trough a better ignition you need less fuel for the same amount auf power. Further the special circuit adopted for this unit helps to start engine at low voltage. It also eliminates noise and RFI (Radio Frequency interference) for audio equipment because plug wires were eliminated. This ignition system is effective not only for normal cars but also hard tuned cars and brings out the potential of street and racing. For example the Superior Automotive Driftteam uses the Splitfire Direct Injection Coilpacks on their S13 Rocketbunny Driftcar.
Splitfire Coilpacks

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