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HKS Actuator Upgrade Kit - Nissan Skyline HCR32 (alle ausser GT-R Modelle) 05/1989-08/1993 - 1430-RN007

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    Nissan Skyline HCR32  
    ACTUATOR UPGRADE KIT Code No. 1430-RN007


    Actuator Upgrade Kit :

    Vehicle SKYLINE
    Model HCR32
    Engine RB20DET
    Model Year 89/05-93/08
    Boost Pressure 78.5~88.3kPa (0.8~0.9kgf/cm2)

    By just installing the kit to normal turbine, you can get more power, and it's very cost-effective.

    • Easy power up
      You can get more power and higher boost just by changing the normal turbine installed actuator.
    • Cost-effective
      You can use existing turbine for the first step of the tune-up.
    • Adjustable boost pressure
      You can adjust boost pressure for your needs with rod that is installed to the actuator by expansion and contraction.


    When you just want to increase the supercharging pressure, there is risk of damaging the engine by fuel insufficiency. So for the high supercharging pressure setting, you should use fuel cut defencer(FCD) or fuel control system (F-CON).

    *​Lancer Evolution X (CZ4A) Power Graph