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    Whiteline, specialized in the manufacturing of high performance suspension components, is regarded as one of the leading companies when it comes to car balance and steering precision. Whether if its for circuit racing, drift, time attack or daily driver, Whiteline offers a solution for every application.

    Why convert to Whiteline ?
    Standard chassis components are clearly designed by the car manufacturer to focus on passenger comfort rather than on driving performance, which for example is realized by soft stabilizers or compliant rubber mounts to the vehicle. However, if the vehicle is moving under sporty driving or extreme conditions, steering precision, directional stability and roll behavior suffer among the mounted standard chassis components. These factors for example are increased for performance vehicles, with changed rims / tire combinations (bigger wheels, wider tires), altered track width (for example by changing the offset via wider rims or spacers). The result is an impaired and spongy driving behavior or increased understeer due to load changes in curves and sensitive responds to ruts, making traction and driving enjoyment suffer. Coilovers can counteract and although partially offset these problems, however, they can not eliminate all sources of error and can even be negatively affected by these components.

    Coupling rods of White Line products are made in contrast to the widespread polyurethane bushes with the latest technology from highly resistant "synthetic elastomer bushings".

    On the one hand these allow the most vulnerable in a sportier driving style suspension components adjust at higher load without sharing the drawbacks with conventional polyurethane bushes (no progressive damping behavior, vehicle-jumping at ground waves, etc.), on the other hand a positive effect on steering precision and a generally better drivability. In combination with White Line stabilizers the result is a much more precise and direct handling and helps improve the efficiency of the stabilizer by up to 20 %, which is significant positive noticeable even at lower speeds. This does NOT mean that the stabilizer hardness is increased still further, but only the stabilizer does the job better and an earlier onset of action of the stabilizer can be achieved.
    For perfect fitting accuracy and easy mounting the heads of the connecting rod can be rotated and adjusted in different combinations of angles. Thanks to the intelligent design, length adjustability and the lightweight aluminum body, tension of the swaybar is eliminated and simplifies installation.


    • Synthetic elastomer sockets: further development of the known polyurethane bushings, but with elimination of the corresponding disadvantages
    • Length and angle adjustable
    • Extremely resistant
    • Rust resistant
    • More grip, better handling and thus increased performance

    • 1 pair of Whiteline coupling rods including fasteners (depending on application)