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HKS Einspritz Düse 800cc (nieder Ohmige) 4G63,RB20,25,26,Ca18 HKS_14002-AK001

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    Improving the tuning level such as upgrading the turbine usually requires replacing injectors with larger capacity injectors. HKS provides 2-Jet type Injector Upgrades designed for specific engines and various types of injectors for stable fuel delivery needed on high-performance applications.



    HKS original 2-Jet type Injector Upgrades were designed specifically for certain engines; therefore, installation is very simple. For higher combustion efficiency, this injector was designed to inject fuel toward the valve head with better fuel atomization.

    Injection toward Valve Head

    Injection direction was carefully adjusted toward the valve head; therefore, the A/F response delay due to inefficient injection can be improved.

    Better Fuel Atomization

    As the injection range gets wider, the atomized particle size becomes smaller; therefore, combustion efficiency can be improved with less black smoke. Also, the fuel atomization improvement can lead better low-temperature startability and A/F response which improve the torque.


    HKS 2-Jet type Injector

    Injection toward the valve head and better fuel atomization ensure efficient fuel vaporization.

    Other 2-hole Injector

    Fuel vaporisation properties are clearly worse than HKS 2-Jet type injectors. Fuel which was not vaporised correctly can flow into the port and cause knocking.