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5L ELF HTX 755 80W-140 for NISMO, CUSCO, OSGIKEN LSD differential and gearbox, full synthetic

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ELF HTX 755 80W-140 full synthetic oil for aftermarket LSD differentials and gearbox in 5L can.

We recommend this oil for being used in LSD differentials from NISMO, CUSCO and OSGIKEN.

This high performance oil is usually only used in high level motorsport applications and cannot be bought easily by end consumers. This oil meets and supersedes all requirements of NISMO, CUSCO, OSGIKEN LSD and gearbox oils which makes it the ideal replacement oil for NISMO, CUSCO, OSGIKEN LSD and gearbox products. It can also be used for all other differential and gearbox applications of other manufacturer where 80W-140 is required!

Attention: Do not use this oil in KAAZ and TRD LSD differentials! For KAAZ and TRD LSD differentials we recommend MOTUL PA90 from our webshop.