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Xenon Conversion Set 9004 8000K (NO CAN-BUS)

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    More light in your car? Xenon is the best available option! Why? Read here:

    Slim Ballast
    Compact cased power converter for Xenon kits. Easy to install.

    More light output
    A 35-Watt XENON HID lamp produces up to 3x the lumens at the light source when compared to a 55-Watt halogen bulb.

    Whiter light
    While the halogen light appears yellowish, the XENON HID lighting system produces a light that is closer to that of natural sunlight.

    Increased Visibility
    In most nighttime driving/bad weather situations, this combination of a whiter color and a greater light output allows for a safer and more illuminated drive.

    Reduced power consumption
    XENON HID lamp systems draw significantly less power from your vehicles electrical system.

    Greater product life
    XENON HID lamp systems are designed to outlast your vehicle. On average these bulbs will last 3-5 times longer than a traditional halogen bulb.

    Your vehicle will not only have the latest in automotive lighting technologies, but will also have that unique eye-catching appeal. Currently, only high-end vehicles offer this XENON HID lighting system.

    Color K Rating Xenon:
    6000K (white)
    8000K (white - blue)


    Only our Xenon Kit comes optionally with a CAN BUS canceller ballast. This prevents that your car computer gives an error when installing an aftermarket xenon kit.

    CAN BUS (Controller Area Network) A standard for serial data transfer between components. CAN BUS was specifically designed for environments with a lot of electromagnetic interference. This board computer is mainly used in newer cars. CAN bus warns the driver if there is a broken light.

    What is CAN BUS? New type of board computers mainly used in newer cars.

    Does my car need CAN BUS lights? Only if your car has got a dashboard warning canceller.