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HJS Universal Tuning Catalytic Converter up to 280PS 90950138

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    - Main cat
    - up to 280PS
    - weight: 3,5kg

    HJS universal tuning catalysts have been developed on the basis of our motorsport catalysts. Our 200 cpsi catalysts are the right component for self-designed exhaust systems. You will achieve higher horsepower with less backpressure without having problems with your EOBD or MOT inspection. The specially designed HJS cones provide an ideal exhaust gas flow into the catalyst, which contributes to optimal power performance. HJS generic catalysts must be approved by your Department of Transportation prior to initial use.

    The vehicle exhaust emission characteristic will be influenced from different factors like engine performance, capacity, power range, exhaust temperatures and vehicle weight. For any installation of exhaust systems out of the applicable range please note that the indicated Euro norms are to be understood as a recommendation and help for system lay out only.

    In this context HJS cannot guarantee that the required Euro standards will be achieved.

    The catalysts stand out due to their high durability and strength, as well as their special foil structure:
    - HF-design: double foil winding, with 2 winding centers, HJF tuning catalysts from Euro 3 on
    - HD-design: triple foil winding, with 3 winding centers, HJF tuning catalysts from Euro 4 on
    - TS-design: double foil winding, with 2 winding centers and turbulence generating profiles for optimized efficiency, HJF tuning catalysts from Euro 5 on


    Less backpressure - more power
    The following diagram shows the result of an exhaust back pressure comparison measurement between a 400 cell original catalyst and a 200 cell HJS tuning catalyst. Test vehicle was a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X with a 1998 cm³ turbocharged engine with 295 HP and Euro 4 emission standard. By reducing the number of cells and the catalysts size while optimizing gas flow, a 60% reduction in exhaust back pressure compared to the original part could be achieved. The turbocharger performance could be improved by 8HP and 12Nm torque.


    - up to 12kW more power
    - up to 2 db more sound
    - EOBD tested
    - 200 cpsi
    - stainless steel catalyst
    - optimised gas flow
    - made in Germany 
    - motorsport approved
    - maximum durability
    - original equipment quality
    - 30 years of know-how
    - HJS serial number E-555.../ E111...
    - HJS tuning stamping


    - 1 piece universal tuning catalytic converter